Beware... Dirk may be right behind you...


A small indie start-up company based in the UK, Blueprint Games is passionate about creating high quality, genre-bending horror games.

The Relapse Trilogy, their first major development, is an immersive horror adventure game; combining their knowledge of the psychology of fear with stunning game play and an innovative storyline, Relapse is sure to invoke dread in the hearts and minds of all who dare to enter its world.

Subverting the genre’s traditional expectations, Relapse uses puzzles which must be solved in order to escape the danger that surrounds you, heightening the tension to near unbearable limits…

Responsible for the development of their own models, engaging a test panel to iron out any irritating bugs, and programming the game from scratch, Blueprint Games is no ordinary start-up, developing a truly unique debut game of exceptional quality.

The team behind Relapse...

Katie Nelson - relapse horror video game

Katie Nelson


A strong, independent, and exceptionally talented Artist, Katie graduated from Bournemouth University in the spring of 2015, having won an award for ‘Best Final Year Dissertation’ for her research surrounding the psychology of fear.

Determined to realise her own artistic visions, rather than execute someone else’s, Katie joined Blueprint Games soon after graduation, where she’s been free to implement her research through the hotly anticipated Relapse Trilogy.

James Thomas - relapse horror video game

James Thomas

Game Programmer

James studied Games Technology at Bournemouth University, focusing on the programming side. During his sandwich year he joined forces with Katie to develop the first prototype of Relapse, establishing their own development company.

Inspired and motivated by the Founder of Double Fine Productions; Tim Schafer and the Double Fine Adventure Documentary, James is determined to create an entirely new type of horror game – with puzzles! However realising that not all gamers would want very challenging problems to solve, he is working on the code to enable the player to select different modes of play, from “Mad as a box of frogs” to “Mildly Eccentric” difficulty.

Andrew Nelson - relapse horror video game

Andy Nelson

Project Manager & Script Writer

A professional IT Project and Programme Manager with over 25 years of experience in the field, Andy has been an Independent Consultant for the last 10 years.

Also a promising Writer and author of several short stories, including a children’s adventure novel, Andy is the creative virtuosity behind Relapse’s captivating storyline.

dirk - survival horror video game


Psychotic Killer

Dirk likes the dark. Dirk loves to play. Dirk enjoys a lot of things in life, including playing games of hide and seek… Deadly games of hide and seek – but only on his terms. Only when he’s the one holding the machete; Dirk loves to play when he’s the only one holding the machete…

Tim Hands - relapse horror video game

Tim Hands

Voice Actor

The proud winner of 3 EMMYs, Royal College of Art alumni Tim is best known for his work on ground breaking HBO series Game of Thrones. Beginning his career in Film and TV as an Assistant Picture Editor on flagship documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4, Tim quickly found his passion for post-production sound in Dialogue and ADR Editing, as well as Voice Acting and Voiceover work.

Alongside Game of Thrones, Tim’s extensive CV includes credits such as “Les Miserables”, “Hamlet”, and “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers”.

Craig Hendry - relapse horror video game

Craig Hendry

Voice Actor

Having trained as an Actor at London’s prestigious Poor School, Craig has enjoyed a successful career in Theatre, TV, and Film, both in the UK and internationally. His work has embraced all styles of theatre from Shakespeare and Musical Theatre to the immersive approach of Punchdrunk and verbatim theatre with BeFrank.

Testing panel...

Shawn Baker

Game Tester

Max Atkinson

Game Tester

Elliott Oatley

Game Tester

Lynda Murphy

Game Tester

Daniel Mitchell

Game Tester

Will Keilloh

Game Tester

Hazzy Keene

Game Tester

Frank Jones

Game Tester

Keith Holland

Game Tester

Philippa Miller

Game Tester

Paul Hands

Game Tester

Alex Fagan

Game Tester