Working in a small Games Company, you need to be a bit of a Renaissance Man; we’re all doubling up in our roles and whilst I know Project Management inside-out I can honestly say that I don’t know the first thing about video and sound.

Fortunately, we have “phone-a-friend” and last week I travelled up to Leicestershire to record the dialogue for the Relapse Free Demo. As well as voice acting for one of the characters, my mate Tim Hands also happens to be an EMMY-winning Dialogue Editor – he won his most recent EMMY just a few weeks ago for Game of Thrones.

I’ve seen the video of the presentation – it was so funny seeing him in a dj and bow tie and he couldn’t stop grinning all the way through. So, whilst the actors were performing, Tim was also managing the sound recording on his box of tricks. We’re really happy with the results and looking forward to you hearing the results in early November.

Last week Blueprint bought a portable Tascam sound recorder and today I’m using it for the first time in anger… I’m starting to record the sound effects. The first will be throwing a step ladder out of our bedroom window – it’s a good job we’ve got understanding neighbours.

Today we ordered a Canon camcorder to record the interviews for the Kickstarter. Another steep learning curve is just around the corner.

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