The game is past its first testing phase and we are working through our asset list for high priority items. Items are used in Relapse to get past puzzles in the game and essentially make up a huge proportion of the gameplay. The next phase of testing will use a new set of people and fully textured items. We want to make sure the player knows what they are doing and where they are going at all times, this is important through art direction.

The fuse box is one of our first puzzles, it’s simple and starts the player off in a safe space. The room is dark and the player will see a red flashing light from the room next door. The red flashing light will draw the player’s eye and a hand icon will display when they are near to show they can interact with it.



Once the player clicks their mouse button the fuse box will come to life and light up the room, showing the player where they are located. They can now find a key and a torch to progress.

Although the puzzle is simple we knows the following before exiting the safe space:

  • How to interact with items
  • How to pick up items
  • How to use their flashlight
  • How to use the inventory
  • How to use items in the inventory with the world environment

There are more mechanics to be learnt later on in further safe environments but these are the main mechanics of the game.




Light is a very important factor in the game and will lead to items on interest. Here is a screenshot of the Doctors office. The desk will be illuminated by the nearby lamp with an important clue in view.

You might have noticed from the screenshots that the floors and walls are tiled blue squares. These are from our block out and are for testing purposes. This means that we can easily move and adapt the level during testing, as we are using an agile methodology for our work. These will be replaced after the 3rd wave of testing.

See a sped up video we made of making one of our assets:



Making the Fuse Box:

The fuse box is used to teach the player how to interact with items they find in the environment. The first event that is triggered in this blueprint is the continuous red blinking light that is used to attract the player’s attention. When the player clicks their mouse, the door of the fuse box opens and shows the interior. When the player clicks again a series of events are executed. The switch inside slides up to the on position, sparks fly, the red light switches to green and the lights in the room flicker on.





The next steps are to finish off the high priority assets and enter phase 2 of testing. If all goes well with the testing and the puzzles we can focus more on making the level good and start work on the AI for our antagonist.


Level Overview

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