Hi everyone, welcome to another weekly update. We have been very busy developing Relapse and more asset packs for the Unreal Marketplace. This week our Newspaper and Magazine pack went live on the store and our Retro Kitchen pack is on sale, go check them out.

We also have some very exciting news, we have been awarded a grant from Tranzfuser which will help us to further develop Relapse and get a chance to present the game at a showcase in September. You can read the press release from the  UK Games Fund here.




Hopefully this means we can delay the Kickstarter for a bit longer and make a bigger and better game for you all! Here are some sneak peaks on what we’ve been working on.





We also want to say a huge thanks for the 1000 subscribers on YouTube, we will continue making tutorials and will be doing a special 1000 sub thank you live-stream sometime this week. Let us know what you’d like to see! 

We have a new clock blueprint pack coming soon to the Unreal Marketplace. Add working clocks that tick and chime to add some atmosphere to your scene.

Thank you for reading! Let us know what you think in the comments.

-Katie & James

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  1. Alex

    Thanks for the info guys! Great stuff.

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