We are finally back to blogging after a mammoth workfest getting our Tranzfuser demo ready for submission.  We will be at EGX all four days this year – if you are around please pop by to play the demo and catch up. We are permitted to enhance the demo in the run up to EGX and so we’ll be completing some of the rooms we just didn’t have time to complete – despite burning the candle at both ends.  We also need to add in the dialogue.

During EGX Tranzfuser judges all of the entries and selects six teams to pitch for a cash grant.  This would make all the difference in the world for us – effectively solving our funding problems in one hit – so naturally this has taken all of our attention and will continue to do so for the next few weeks.

We are having 3,000 business cards printed up to hand out at EGX and printing Relapse T shirts.  The order is going in soon; if you’d like us to print one extra for you at cost please let us know.

We’d like to thank Emanuel and Richard for joining us on the TF demo – it was great working with them both and we all have our fingers crossed for a good result.  Both Richard and Emanuel produced lots of fantastic artwork!

This blog isn’t the only casualty of the TF priority; we have paused our tutorials on YouTube and Twitch live streams.  We also haven’t had time to put new assets up for sale on the Unreal Marketplace.  However we haven’t forgotten this and will start again soon.

In other news, Dave, Guy and Gabriel have settled down well working on the first level of the full game.  It is blocked out and we are starting to drop some of the assets in there.  You can see a screen shot from the Boiler room above, which appears near the start of the game.

We are also in discussion with another potential team member – more on that later when we know for sure that it’s in the bag.

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