Hi everyone, welcome to another weekly update. This week our asset packs went live on the Unreal Marketplace so if you’re in need of a working padlock/locked door system or a retro kitchen prop pack, take a look at the store. The selling is already off to a good start and we are planning to make more packs in the future, this will hopefully help us with the development of Relapse and will give you a better overall gaming experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions for future packs let us know!

Relapse is still in active development however we’ve been quite busy with trying to bring money into the company, hence the lack of updates. However, we try to make sure the packs we are making are from props we will need for Relapse so we do not hinder progress too much.

Our next pack is currently being reviewed by Epic and will feature different magazines and newspapers that you can use to decorate your scene. Here are some sneak peek screenshots of how it looks in the fabulous Unreal Engine 4.




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