Have you seen these men?

First off, a very happy and prosperous New Year to all our followers!  We hope you had a wonderful break over Christmas and are looking forward to all of the challenges that 2017 has to bring.

We took just over a week off but we are now back in the office working on the game.

As you’ve seen from some of the social media updates, we have been putting some research and development effort into photogrammetry.  Guy is taking the lead on this work.  We believe that photogrammetry adds most value with organic objects that would take a very long time to model manually.  Guy has completed his first tree now and on Friday we started work on faces.  After a little trial and error we believe we have the knack now – check out the two faces below.  These are very early in the process and we know we can improve them immensely in post production.  However we wanted to do a proof of concept all of the way into the Unreal engine.


Have you seen these men?
Have you seen these men?


James is still working on improving some of the infrastructure of the game.  He has massively improved the inventory and has a fully-functioning Inspect function now.  He’s also ensuring that the puzzles for level 1 are all working correctly.

Sam is building models for level 1 and Dave is rigging Dirk presently – he expects to have the first working rig within a week.

Katie has been working on the art for the inside of the clock tower – she will post up a screen shot once completed.  She is also loading a few assets for sale on the Epic Marketplace to help with funding.

Over the break we also did some work on filling out the script for levels 2 and 3.  We are planning to review these together as a team on 27th, which is also incidentally our now target date to complete a first draft of level 1 to go out for testing.  The game will not have all the static meshes, models or lighting at this point – the first test will be to prove the flow of the game, the functionality of the puzzles and a sense check to ensure that they are neither too easy nor too difficult.

Thanks for reading and see you in next week’s blog!

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