Hi guys, welcome to our new weekly blog update. We will be keeping you up to date every Friday with news on Relapse and Blueprint Games in general. This week has quite a few exciting updates.

First off is the Relapse Pre-alpha which we took down with the Kickstarter. Since then we have revamped it into a Prologue episode and are working on completing it soon. It has quite a lot of changes since it was removed thanks to your amazing feedback.

Notes and case files have now been changed into interactive flash back sequences. This way you will not be taken out of the gameplay to read and can walk around and witness the events of the note as they unfold. This also means you can see more of the asylum in the Prologue as you walk around in Elizabeth’s footsteps. However, notes will still be stored in your inventory for optional additional information.

  • New camera mechanic is being added, it makes sense since you are an abandoned location photographer and blogger! You can use the camera to take photos of the ‘clues’ that you find and it will help you later on.
  • Anxiety mode has had a huge revamp and will contain minimal puzzles and gameplay will be more similar to traditional horror games. Unfortunately this means that the Prologue will not last as long for people on Anxiety mode, but will be a lot more eventful for the full game.
  • More thrills! We noticed there were moments when players would become stuck on a puzzle and the horror would die down as they tried to find a solution over a long period of time. We have added more scares to the demo and Dirk encounters to keep the game interesting when you’ve been stuck for certain amounts of time.
    The demo is having more work put into the visuals, adding in the content we had to miss out in the Kickstarter. That includes the missing water tower and improving the garage.
  • The inventory is being revamped to use icons instead of text
  • Bugs are being fixed, including the infamous ladder physics bug and more

As for Blueprint Games. You’ve probably noticed we have slowed down on posting new content or tutorials. We’ve been very busy with trying to get money into the company so we can continue the game at full speed and not pick up any part time work. We’ve applied to a couple of UK government run grants which help independent game start up companies like ourselves. We have also being putting out more 3D assets and blueprints to sale on sites like Turbosquid or the Unreal Engine store. We have been approved by Unreal so you will hopefully see them online soon.

Thank you for reading! Let us know what you think in the comments and enjoy a sneak preview of some of our future work in the Youtube video below.

-Katie, Andy & James

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