Hello and welcome to our new web-page. These are exciting times here at Blueprint, we’ve been busy working on Relapse since July and it already feels that we’ve come a long way. Getting this website up and running is our first major milestone and we have plenty more things planned for the near future.

Our first release will be a fully playable demo copy of the game, a prequel if you like as you play Charles, a blogger who arrives at Arcadia and whose first challenge is to get inside… possibly not the wisest choice given what’s coming…

We are recording the voice for the demo in mid-September and have a brand-spanking new digital sound recorder coming soon to record the sound effects. We’ve also splashed out on a professional quality camcorder, we’ll be adding videos of us working and interviews just as soon as we’ve figured out how to use it!

We’ve planned to have the demo completed to release on Halloween, which will be accompanied by a Kickstarter campaign where you can buy the first game and lots more goodies in advance and help us with funding the coming months as we work on the completed product.

We are adding tutorials on how we’ve built the game here and on our Facebook; Twitter and Youtube pages. Go take a look and don’t forget to ‘Like’ us!

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